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    Sunday , Date 29/07/2018

    Starting and developing on the basis of long-term, sustainable business ideas, Toan Viet Corp has been a leading private company in the field of technical services for oil and gas industry including Infrastructure, superstructure, onshore pipelines, on drilling rigs, oil tankers along with maintenance, replacement, repair and conversion services. Marine services, which are essential for the development of the unit. Toan Viet Corp is involved in providing services for all petroleum projects in the country.

    The advantage of prestige and quality of services, products for the industry and oil and gas, together with the core staff and skilled workers have many years experience in the industry, since 2007. The company was authorized by ASME to seal ASME on pressure vessels designed and manufactured by ASME. So far Viet Corp has become the leading company in the country in terms of quantity, quality and variety of packages of tanks, pressure vessels, technological equipment. The company now owns U, U2, S (of ASME), the R, NB (NBIC - National Commission of Boiler and Pressure Controls of the United States).

    Internal design capacity and experienced design team are continuously invested and strategically create the highest competitive value, helping to become the core business of Toan Viet Corp today. now on. Identifying export markets and targeting large customers with high quality, high-tech products is the company's future, from a modest 3% in 2007, a steady increase in the share of exports. Up to now, 35% and Toan Viet Corp are becoming professional suppliers at the international level.

    In order to meet the needs of sustainable development and create strategic competitive advantage, In 2009, Toan Viet Corp continues to invest in Dong Xuyen service port, increasing the area of ​​production to over 15 hectares with 150 meter jetty, 10,000 ton load.

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